Why Did I Write AT WAVE’S END? Good Question

My AT WAVE’S END manuscript as a work-in-progress this time last year, on my way to our daughter’s wedding.

A common query for an author during a book’s launch and beyond is “What inspired this book?”

But for many writers, including myself, the ‘story behind the story’ is not always a simple one.

Such is the case with AT WAVE’S END, my second novel releasing August 15. As I’ve come to learn about my writing process after a grand total of two novels, my books tend to originate not from a single idea but rather from a patchwork, or waves (go ahead and insert groan here) of catalogued impressions. These impressions derive from an experience, an overhead conversation, a news story, a found object–each of which I explore thoroughly in my writing.

Eventually, a pair of these, or perhaps three or four, gravitate toward one another, eventually gelling into a novel premise. The rest I store away for future use.

I’ve already described one of AT WAVE’S END’s influences: a “Win A House” essay contest. In my next few posts, I’ll share some other elements that helped to shape AT WAVE’S END: a seminal short story written during a disaster’s aftermath, soul food, an unfortunate bed-and-breakfast stay, holiday cheer for the beleaguered from a flock of spirited volunteers.

I hope you’ll stay with me on this journey to AT WAVE’S END August 15 release day. If you’re not already receiving these updates, please join my regular readers by using the “Subscribe” form to the right.

Read Part 2 of the journey, “Fred and June: The Breakfast That Nourished AT WAVE’S END.”
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