Coming May 1, 2016
DELIVER HER is here!

I’m a novelist who also reports on healthcare. My debut novel DELIVER HER is available now in e-book, paperback or audio format.

“A powerful story about a mother’s efforts to save a daughter who seems to be going out of control. It’s a story about love and family and betrayal. It’s about how you can mess things up when you’re trying to do the right thing. A perfect book club book.” Susan Breen, author, The Fiction Class; Maggie Dove Mystery Series (Summer 2016)

Here’s what readers are saying about DELIVER HER:

“I’ve found a favorite new author. If you’re a fan of Jodi Picoult’s books, this novel is a must-read.”

“Compelling story about life and the choices that we make. I was caught up in the spell of this book.”

“It’s about what’s going on in today’s society and [Donovan] nailed it.”

“Suspenseful throughout and left me hoping for a sequel.”

“Action-packed: somewhat like a modern-day ‘prodigal son.”

“The characters are well developed: flawed, utterly human, and relatable.”

“A today story!!! A good read for parents of preteens and teens.”

“Very good book about family love and trials of teenage years. I would recommend it to parents struggling to help their children.”

“Fantastic read. Grabbed me in the beginning and wouldn’t let go.”

“A well-crafted story of a family in crisis.”

“Good novel with empathy and the pain of loss successfully conveyed. This is a well executed novel with relevant theme.”

“Awesome read; very topical subject matter. I was on the edge of my seat!”

“Takes you on an emotional ride through loss, family and hope…A worthwhile and enjoyable read.”

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