At Long Last: AT WAVE’S END Cover Reveal

She’s here!

I’m so excited to finally reveal the cover for my second novel, AT WAVE’S END, coming August 15 from Lake Union. It’s the story of a woman who wins a down-and-out inn at the Jersey shore…weeks before a major hurricane.

A funny thing about the scallop shell she’s holding: while it doesn’t literally figure into this story, one of my sisters said this shell can be traced back to early European pilgrims, and signifies the starting point of one’s journey. When all the lines meet at the base of the shell, you’ve reached your “meant to be” place. So it turns out this scallop shell is an apt if unintended metaphor for Faith and Connie Sterling’s journey to Wave’s End.

I know August feels like a LOONG way away, but you can pre-order AT WAVE’S END and squeeze in this beach read before summer’s end.


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