One Day You Will…

Run a marathon. Own your own business. Quit your job and sail for a year. Write a novel.

Yeah, about that last one. Based on the push I got the other night, I’m about to do this. The thought is at once scary and exhilarating, especially since I’m working toward a completion date of December 31, 2012. (Hence the countdown on the bottom right of this blog.) So even as I post these few words here, I’m feeling guilty for not adding to the day’s thousand words (Stephen King’s advice to aspiring writers).

Running on the Spring Lake boardwalk on Saturday, I was behind a tee-shirt read ONE DAY YOU WILL. Just like that, in big block letters. I liked the infinite possibility of it: fill in the blank with your dream or goal. It struck me that this is my “one day,” so why not adopt this as my motto? And while I’m at it, it’s a great name for my blog.

So I was not even a little let down to learn that “One Day You Will” is the tagline for Glenfiddich’s new “Explorers” ad campaign. Because what are writers if not explorers…of the imagination, of the what-if’s, of the infinite power of words?

What will you find at ONE DAY YOU WILL? I’ll use this space to chronicle the “Transported” trip and share great bits of writing, visual inspirations a la Susan Breen’s “image diary” exercise (always done at the last minute but from which was borne this book idea), and tips about the creative process from authors whose work I respect. Thanks for reading and sharing!


One thought on “One Day You Will…

  1. rtd14

    I enjoyed your post. It is inspring to think what we might do one day in the future. Hope and dreams exists. It balances out negativity we might feel. I like Stephen King’s advice to writers, too.

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